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February 19, 2006

A Muslim Secretary General?
Posted by Heather Hurlburt

Steve Clemons over at the Washington Note has a very interesting run-down (at the end of the post) of the emerging candidates to be the next UN Secretary General, including the intriguing point that most of the first-tier contenders are Muslim.  Read it and be the first on your block to be dropping the names; for more, here is a Richard Holbrooke commentary on the subject, and here, god bless, is an entire website devoted to the horserace. 

Of course, to derive the maximum benefits from a Muslim ascending to the top slot, it would be helpful for the person not to appear to be America's hand-picked Muslim.  Is our diplomacy up to that?

Two Olympic postscripts:  I'm looking forward to seeing what non-profits pick up quickly on the Joey Cheek phenomenon (nice finish in the 1000.)  And, on a cultural note, the next time someone tells you that European culture is inherently less tacky than ours, do refer them to... ice dancing.

Italian_ice_dancers Happy Monday.


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