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March 13, 2008

You've Seen One Veteran Chilean Diplomat...
Posted by David Shorr

I am having a heaping helping of humble pie for lunch today. A few weeks ago I took David Frum to task for his condescension toward other nations. In doing so, I managed to confuse two distinguished Chilean ambassadors whom I've had the pleasure of knowing.

So to set the record straight, current Chilean Permanent Representative to the UN H.E. Heraldo Munoz is the author of the excellent diplomatic memoir of the run-up to Iraq, A Solitary War. I read the manuscript when Amb. Munoz was submitting it to publishers, and it is a compelling behind-the-scenes account of the high-level wrangling surrounding the fateful UN Security Council resolution. Heraldo was a close advisor to former President Ricardo Lagos and, to make things more interesting, a longtime friend of Condoleezza Rice.

I only hope he will accept my red-faced apology. With friends like me...


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You still no more about foreign affairs, foreign countries and foreign officials than Frum ever will.

And no, I'm not damning you with faint praise.

And I misused the word "no."

But I'm still a better writer than Frum!

The point against Frum stands, undiminished. What's at issue is my ability to know which friends showed me their book.

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