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March 12, 2008

New Public Report on Al Qaeda and Iraq…not so public
Posted by Moira Whelan

Sometimes I feel bad for civil servants and today, that is especially so. Some poor souls in DoD have been working their fingers to the bone writing a 600 page report about the fact that a relationship between Al Qaeda and Iraq does not exist….and no one will ever see it.

To add insult to their obvious injury of having to spend your career proving a negative in an office full of people that desperately want you to be wrong...the Pentagon announced today that this long awaited report…paid for by tax payer dollarswill NOT be made available on the internets, but can be acquired only by mail. It will be sent from an office in Norfolk, Virginia to your home or work via the US postal service.

Why? A Pentagon official said it was because the report was “too politically sensitive.” What…like we might know that you’ve been lying about this for years? You’re pulling a fast one with this one boys! Next time you want to delay a report, try to be more creative--think 8-track or beta. It's more creative at least. This is just lame.


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This is kind of like the relationship between al Qaeda and Saudi Arabia. That was "too politically sensitive" also, so it was removed from the 9/11 Report. With all this political sensitivity floating around it's no wonder that we must subsist on the thin gruel of political lies.

"No one will ever see it?" I don't get it. If it is available by CD through the mail, then someone can just order it through the mail and then post it on a web site, can't they? Within a couple of days, anyone who wants the report will be able to get their hands on it.

Yeah... I was going to order it but the whole thing will be on line as soon as the first few are shipped. Unless the government hyas somehow encrypted the disc. But even then, somebody will type it up. First the good parts and eventually the whole thing. What year do these people thing it is?

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