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June 28, 2005

Posted by Michael Signer

Wow.  He almost cried there at the end.  Did anyone else see the corners of his mouth turn down repeatedly?  Don't know what to make of that -- except he's probably less cool and collected about this than we think.  I bet he's torn up.  I bet this has been a hell of a lot harder than he thought it would be and he's desperately concerned about his Presidency.  As he should be.


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He's a Cancer. Emotional type - men don't handle it well but these Cancer men are criers.

Such bullshit. Knock off the oh-he's-so-teary-eyed comments, will ya people. The prezdint is a sociopath who feels nothing for anyone. He lied us into the war in Iraq, sent over poorly armored/trained military, and *now* he's crying about it?? Quick. Someone find Darth Chicanery. We need a pulse here to wake you assholes up.

If this was difficult for him, its because he had to meet with families of soldiers who had been killed. He's been doing his best to deny their existence. But, when you go to a military base that's sacrificed so much, these folks are going to get in your face. And that's hard enough for someone like him to produce some frowns and tears.

Screen shot of sad Bush here:

no sympathy for the little fucker who should have tears in his eyes every time he's seen in public.

"now watch this drive."

his tears are for himself.

He's crying for himself. He's a loathsome man. He doesn't give a damn about anything.

It's perfectly fine to disagree with the President or to even loathe the man but to have a view of him so devoid from reality serves no purpose. I've seen him tear up any number of times in various speeches and to assume you can look into his heart and/or soul and judge him is obscene.

Michael Signer should know better and more to the point behave better. To imply he's crying for his presidency instead of the troops he commands and sends off to war is a tad disgusting. I've seen Marine and Army generals tear up talking to the troops- it's a natural reaction for some.

Lane Brody

Just remember this is the same man that was cracking jokes while refusing to stay the execution of an woman sentenced to death for killing her abusive spouse. He only can act not feel.

How did he get elected again? How can people be so mis-lead and so stupid as to have voted for him?

If he is so worried why does he not ask for all the multi millionaires that receive the extra $5000 off the top of their taxes to each donate a million dollars (non deductable) to provide body & vehicle armor, & good weapons for the troops? No, well then it is time to bring our people home.

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