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June 28, 2005

Fatal Flaw
Posted by Michael Signer

The entire speech treats terrorists in Iraq as something that existed before the war, that motivated the war, not as something that's resulted from the war.  This is just crazy.  It doesn't acknowledge any forward threats -- only looks backward.  What's the vision, if we believe the terrorists in Iraq were why we went there??? 

Incredible, the fog of war. 


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Terrorists and insurgents are conflated, for the most part. Policy-wise, the speech focused totally on terrorism, yet I noticed only one passing reference to the fragmented nature of the insurgency. Thus, there was no mention of coopting the Sunni minority into the political process, and no real recognition that some of the insurgency is not al-Qaeda/jihadist, and thus no characterization of how to defeat that part of the insurgency.

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