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June 28, 2005

Live Blogging IV
Posted by Suzanne Nossel

Acknowledging that we want our troops to come home.

Rejects artificial timetable, which I agree with, largely for the reasons he cites.  But he should go on and say we have no intention of maintaining permanent bases in Iraq.

He's saying the commanders on the ground don't need/want more troops.  Reports suggest this is not true. 

He's claiming sending more Americans would imply that we don't intend to turn this over to the Iraqis and we don't intend to stay permanently . . . but why doesn't he just state unequivocally that we don't intend to stay permanently.  A clear statement would clear it up, yet Bush leaves this deliberately ambiguous.

He's saying that Iraq's progress is being felt across Middle East.  Libya, Palestinian territories, Lebanon.  No reference to Iran, of course.


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