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June 28, 2005

Bring 'Em On II?
Posted by Michael Signer

Live-blogging now...

Anyone else feel uncomfortable with the repeated "They failed to do X," "They failed to do Y"? 

I understand the President is talking about their "strategic objectives."

But, ironically, it comes off not as understanding the terrorists' strategy, but rather as an over-emotional formulation, like a taunt, like the Bush team has personalized the threat of Iraq a little too much, formulating the enemy as personal enemies...

The risk is that by making the challenge so personal and fraught with anger, it becomes a challenge, not a cool statement of superiority. 

How would you feel as a terrorist watching right now?  Like you'd been defeated?  Or like you'd just been given a new standard to meet?  (And that's NOT "therapy" for them  -- that's cool, tough strategy, thank you very much).


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How would the terrorist feel after watching this speech? I'd say they may start taking a page out of North Vietnam's playbook. We're going to see more bombings, suicide attacks, and possibly co-ordinated attacks within different Iraqi cities.

This has become a political war. Just as the North Vietnamese correctly gauged the American public's unease over the war in Vietnam and unleashed the Tet Offensive as a political battle to change America's public opinion against the war, I fear that the Iraqi insurgents may modify their strategy of guerrilla attacks as a means to shift enough of American public opinion to oppose the war in Iraq. This opposition to the war could certainly affect either the 2006 midterm or the 2008 presidential elections against Bush and the Republicans. For not only did Tet shift American public opinion on the Vietnam war, but it also caused the Democratic party to self-destruct during the 1968 presidential elections, giving Richard Nixon the White House.

The question I would have is do the Iraqi insurgents have the capabilities to pull this off?

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