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September 08, 2008

A wonky escape
Posted by Max Bergmann

If you are looking for a substantive break from vapid election coverage check out PPI's security conference on Friday in Washington. It has a good line-up headlined by Gary Hart, Evan Bayh, Richard Danzig, and Ellen Tauscher. The second panel on the military with TX Hammes looks particularly interesting.


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I would like a break from vapid election coverage, but I refuse to promote or patronize PPI in any way, shape or form.

Dan - I'd encourage you to put aside your preconceptions about PPI and give us a second look. I've been there less than a year, and am revamping the national security project -- this forum is a big step forward. It should be a really engaging day, so feel free to stop by and add your thoughts and comments. Feel free to write with questions - Thanks.

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