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June 02, 2008

Hard Evidence: the Don't Talk to Iran Line Isn't Working
Posted by Heather Hurlburt

Gallup is out with a poll this morning noting that 67% of Americans think we should negotiate with our enemies, and 59% think specifically that we should talk to Iran.

This of note given John McCain's old-win-in-a-new-bottle speech at AIPAC, (well, maybe just a different bottle) which keeps us on the same feckless Bush Administration path (and somehow manages not to mention Iran's nuclear partner Russia and its other defender China).

But it's also worth underlining that Americans have been saying this consistently for two years now.  In polling DA's own David Shorr commissioned in his day job in 2006, 75% endorsed "Trying to build better relations with Iran" and 50 percent endorsed "negotiations without preconditions."  Conservatives have been working hard for a while now to drive the public away from this point of view.  But the public is resisting.  Please note.


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Even though the American people support talks with Iran, the punditocracy led by the likes of Freedman and O'Hanlon do not, and to the MSM they are the only opinions that matter.

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