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March 26, 2008

Miracle Mildew over Meltdown in Iraq
Posted by Adam Blickstein

The situation in Iraq continues to spiral out of control. The latest development is a showdown between Sadr himself and Nouri al-Maliki with Sadr asking for Maliki to leave Basra and send a parliamentary delegation to resolve the crisis. Of course, this is unlikely as Maliki has already issued a 72-hour ultimatum, and with his credibility is the line, he needs to maintain a hard line, or at least a resolute appearance, against the Mahdi Army. In Baghdad, missiles for the second time this week hit the Green Zone and there is increasing fear that the battles in Basra will spread to Sadr City and Baghdad as a whole. With all these critical developments that could reshape the political and military landscape across Iraq, you'd think the cable networks would be providing comprehensive coverage. Instead, MSNBC just ran a story on....MIRACLE MILDEW...and have barely covered the violence erupting in Basra and Baghdad. Yes, it appears that the media is more concerned with mildew that looks like Jesus than the fact that Iraq could descending deeper into chaos...


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Fine, pay attention to the war.

More Miracle Mildew for me!

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