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November 09, 2007

Live-Blogging a State Dinner: Color Me Jalouse
Posted by Heather Hurlburt

Via Steve Clemons, we learn that French President Sarkozy took a French live-blogger with him to the state dinner this week, clearly a first.  He didn't get to live-blog the dinner, though, so there's still hope for the rest of us.  ;-)  (I'd bet on Clemons to be the first, myself.)  Heck, if Clarence Thomas' book party was on C-SPAN, as someone told me this week, why not?

Checking more deeply, we learn that the blogger lives in San Francisco but appears to bestride the French blog world AND be a big Sarko guy, in a way we political-blogging pikers might only dream of.  Imagine if Steve Clemons and Markos Moulitsas were the same person and advised a top-rank presidential candidate.  Or maybe it's just hype.


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I mean this in a positive way--it's time that blogging went to a whole higher level. It has the inherent power that needs to be expanded, and one way is through live blogging of conferences etc. with the bloggers interacting with attendees via graphic displays. Power to the people!

...then Sarkozy asked Bush to pass the Grey Poupon.

"Hey Sarky, I hate that stuff. Don't mind if I call you Sarky, do you!? He He Sarky. Yeah, well, I prefer the yellow mustard. Hey, waiter, git mah friend har Sarky that French's Mustard, he wanted that there Grey Poop-ON but ahh told him to try the yellow mustard. Hurry up! He's gonna hafta go back to France soon enough. Hey Sarky you gotta come down to Crawford for barbeque sometime. Nutin' like a real Texas BAR-B-Q down on the ranch. Hey Laura, tell Sarky about the Bar-B-Q we have down on the ranch. he he"

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