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September 10, 2007

The Bushies Find Another Part of the Middle East to Mess Up
Posted by Shadi Hamid

This disturbing article on Deputy National Security Advisor Elliot Abrams' ongoing efforts to destabilize North Africa is a bit old. Quite frankly, it's also a bit odd, providing yet more evidence that the neo-cons are a bizarre bunch. I stumbled upon the piece by accident while reading up on Morocco's recently-concluded elections. I have trouble understanding this phenomenon, but the neo-cons really do seem to enjoy sowing conflict between different factions, countries, and ethnic groups in the Middle East. It's one thing to mess up the region by accident through various degrees of incompetence. It's quite another, however, to mess up the region on purpose:

Elliot Abrams, the deputy national security adviser for global democracy strategy, is again sowing the seeds of conflict in the Middle East. This time it's in the disputed Western Sahara, under Moroccan control following the end of Spanish colonial rule in 1975.

After being marginalized from the Arab-Israeli arena, now under the almost exclusive domain of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her State Department, Abrams is pulling free the grenade pin that may shortly cause North Africa to explode. He is on the verge of achieving a major U.S. policy shift that would have Washington backing Morocco's unilateral imposition of its so-called Western Sahara Initiative, or autonomy plan upon the indigenous Sahrawi people of Western Sahara.

Can someone please stop this man?


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Abrams isn't the only one pushing this line. There is a veritable army of lobbyists, pundits, journalists and (ex-)diplomats propagandizing on Morocco's behalf in American and European media and policy circles. More on the Western Sahara issue (including links to other sites) can be found on my blog at:


Good to see this being picked up!

Best wishes

Nick Brooks

To Allah we shall Return.
Read history !!!
this is a false statment !
there are no such things as /autonomy plan upon the indigenous Sahrawi people /one indigebous peole are Amazigh berbers /and Long ago were mixed with Arab Muslims that brought the Light to Europe.
playing with fire is bad for every body.

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