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September 25, 2007

Rudy Misunderstood
Posted by Michael Cohen

As many of you know, a number of folks have accused Rudy Guiliani of exploiting his role in the tragic events of September 11th to further his political career.

However, in an article today about a fund raiser in California who was asking Guiliani supporters for donations of $9.11, a campaign spokesman has disabused us all of this obviously silly notion:

. . he [Guiliani] has come under sniping from opponents that he is exploiting the tragedy for political reasons. The campaign vigorously denies the charge, noting that they even shut down their Web site and raised no money on the anniversary of Sept. 11.

Clearly, nothing to see hear. I mean if the campaign shut down its web site and didn't raise money on 9/11 clearly their hands are clean. I mean, it's not like Guiliani used 9/11 to explain away his past views on the importance of gun control. Oh, wait a minute . . .


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