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October 22, 2008

Obama's Strength on Foreign Policy
Posted by James Lamond

Today, Sen. Obama held a really interesting press conference.  The press conference came following a meeting with top national security advisers.  What makes it so interesting is that following Biden's gaffe advisers and consultants surely would have told the candidate to layoff of national security issues for a while.  But rather than duck the issue, as democrats have in the past, Obama embraced it.

Why? - - It's simple, he is right on security and foreign policy and McCain is wrong. 

The country is with Obama, especially on foreign policy.  We have seen national security leaders from both parties embrace Obama's security and foreign policy approach.  From Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama's candidacy to Dick Lugar's endorsement of Obama's foreign policy approach to Chuck Hagel's embrace of Obama's world view, republicans and democrats alike have been embracing Obama- especially on foreign policy and national security. 

Democrats often cede the national security debate to the Republicans, eager to focus on the economy or domestic policy.  Most would have thought that this would be especially true for a campaign against John McCain, who has focussed his career on the topic.  Not Obama.  He is rightfully taking the national security debate to McCain because he is stronger on the issues.


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I'm impressed with Obama's strategic judgment, but I worry when his top advisors include dilettantes like Craig and Cutler. They may be smart people, but they have no special insight into security policy prior to political appointments, which were often fleeting and not particularly successful.

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