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October 03, 2008

Nuclear like Bush
Posted by Moira Whelan

A little fun with Sarah Palin's pronunciation of "nuclear"...remind you of someone?

Seriously, Carter was attacked for this, as was Bush, and there's a reason: it's used as a metaphor for mastery of this very basic foreign policy issue: non-proliferation. The question is fair game: If you can't pronounce it, how will you handle it? We can have a debate about the validity of that claim, but at very least, it's something debate prep should have corrected.


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Palin also said that nuclear war was "very bad," and she stated that the civil war general McClellan was in charge in Afghanistan instead of General McKiernan.

Palin couldn't pronounce 'nuclear'; Biden couldn't pronounce 'characterize.' Remember that? Probably not. Confirmation bias strikes again!

He got tonguetied at the end of a long response, and you're equating that with Palin's continual issues with grammar, word choice, and pronunciation?

Amazing. Stupid. But amazing.

Should have corrected... unless they're having her ape bush on the theory that his "folksiness" got him elected in the first place against a smart, liberal elitist. Could be figuring that's what she's got going for her.

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