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October 22, 2008

McCain Doesn't Understand Conditions Either
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

As Spencer Ackerman explains, it's not just Palin who doesn't understand what "conditions" means.  Apparently McCain keeps claiming that the withdrawal language in Iraq Security Agreement is "conditions based"  and  said so in an interview today.  Thing is, it's pretty clear that the 2011 deadline is hard set unless the Iraqis specifically ask for an extension and because of the internal politics in Iraq there is basically no chance of that happening.  In fact, the Iraqi Cabinet is bucking even that much flexibility and wants the date to be firmer than it already is.


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When it comes to Iraq, McCain believes that we have a complete victory and thereby the Iraqi government should unconditionally accept the US presence in that country. This kind of attitdue only underscores McCain's ignorance when it comes to Iraq because what we really have has truce between factions that could break if the Americans do not comply with the wishes of the majority of the Iraqi people.

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