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September 18, 2008

Viva Zapata!
Posted by Adam Blickstein


It's McCain's favorite movie, but considering today's news, I don't think McCain will be chanting Viva Zapatero! anytime soon:

But the senator's all-time favorite film? "It is a bit political in its own way: 'Viva Zapata!' I'm sure I've seen it four or five times, but I haven't seen it quite a few years. It was one of Elia Kazan's least appreciated films. I thought (Emiliano) Zapata was a genuine, authentic, uncorrupted leader who fought to improve the plight of his countrymen. He held true to his principles.

"There were many scenes in the movie, but a few stand out," recalls McCain, who quotes verbatim long stretches of dialogue that recall the perfs of Marlon Brando, Jean Peters and Anthony Quinn.

The senator says "Viva Zapata!" influenced him more than any other film "because I had never heard of him before I saw the movie. I became interested in Zapata and started reading about him.


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So which is it now: McCain is "tired" (again), confused (again!), or just completely ignorant of geography and world cultures (AGAIN!)?

Spain is a key ally with the United States on CT and other issues. But for McCain just heard a Spanish accent and concluded that it could only mean one thing: some leftist banana republic he would look tough standing up to.

For a guy who makes his foreign policy and international affairs knowledge a cornerstone of his campaign, he sure is coming off as an ignoramus.

John McCain reminds me of Beavis from Beavis and Butthead. In one episode Mr. Van Dresson was giving out the names of Latin American leaders and Beavis thought that he was talking about a Castro like dictactor so he put his shirt over his heads and called himself the Great Cornholio. McCain made the same mistake by confusing Zapatero for some Latin American leftist leader even though Spain is on a different continent. McCain seems to be the Beavis of American politics.

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