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September 24, 2008

More Press than Palin
Posted by Adam Blickstein

A major speech in front of the international community. A freewheeling press conference lasting more than an hour. An hour-long, prime time appearance with CNN's venerable Larry King. All in all, a busy busy press day. So, who allowed themselves to be exposed to the scrupulous press at such an unfettered level? Sarah Palin, a GOP candidate running to hold the second highest office in the United States of America? No, try Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Yes, in total, one of the most vile leaders in the world today yesterday arguably faced more direct media scrutiny with domestic and international press then a person who could theoretically become the most powerful person in America and the world.  It's not only a slap to the face of the American people, but also an indictment of the McCain campaign's controlling insecurities that they have allowed the press perhaps less access to Palin over an entire month than the direct media scrutiny the detestable President of Iran received in one day.

So, what access to Palin did the McCain campaign allow the media have yesterday? Perhaps a press conference following her meetings with major world leaders to discuss what was said, giving her the opportunity to brag about her international tour de force and introduction to the world community? No, the answer is 29 unintelligible seconds talking about Karzai's kid. 29 seconds:

As the pool entered, the Afghan president appeared to be telling Palin about his young son, who was born in January 2007.

Palin, her legs crossed and at one point patting her heart, was leaning in eagerly and smiling. Karzai, wearing his traditional clothes but without his trademark karakul hat, was also grinning while discussing the child. His remarks were unintelligible as the noise from the clicking cameras drowned them out.

This was the only exchange that was heard:

“What is his name?,” Palin asked.

“Mirwais,” Karzai responded. “Mirwais, which means, ‘The Light of the House.’”

“Oh nice,” Palin responded.

“He is the only one we have,” remarked Karzai.

At this point, the pool was hustled out the room and down to the hotel lobby. Pool was in the room for a grand total of 29 seconds.


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Here is a useful resource related to Gov. Sarah Palin - the most comprehensive page of information on her record available on the Net. It includes videos of her saying her proposed $30 billion natural gas pipeline is the “will of God,” her saying a month ago she doesn’t know what the VP of the U.S. does, and her complaining four months ago that Hillary Clinton was whining about “sexist” coverage -

It has in-depth research, audio clips, videos, excerpts and links to hundreds of articles, including many from papers and TV stations in Alaska. It has rare footage, including her telling the 2008 convention of the Alaska Independence Party, whose goal is to give Alaska a vote on seceding from the U.S. to “keep up the good work.”

The level of research is unparalleled. The site’s editors include an Emmy-award winning CNN reporter, the former operating editor of the Christian Science Monitor’s web site, the former head of NPRs News Blog and the Executive Director of the Online News Association. Check it out here -

Please spread the word about this Palin info to anyone who might want to know more.

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