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September 10, 2007

Getting shot in the front of the head
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

Petraeus says it counts.  He also says that car bombings count.  Interesting, because the Times and Post say it doesn't.  Someone is wrong or misleading.

Update:  OK, here is the deal.   There don't seem to be any hard or fast rules.  But Petraeus wasn't asked how the military decides if it finds a body on the street whether or not that was or was not sectarian violence.  There's all kinds of subjective criteria that they can use to make these "sectarian violence" classifications.

Update II:  So here is the question.  When the military finds a body on the street or a body ends up in the morgue, how is the motivation behind the killing determined?  What do you use to determine whether or not it is "sectarian"?



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Imagine that, someone is lying. I wonder who?

I heard this and thought it would be interesting to follow it up. Do you have more about it?

And, from the point of view of the Iraqi family, does it matter if Dad was killed by sectarian violence, or just, you know, 'other' violence.

Getting bogged down in fighting over the definition of 'sectarian' is to fall for a delaying tactic. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter in terms of reducing chaos and establishing a stable rule-of-law society why someone is gunned down. The surge is not stopping bodies from showing up at the morgue with holes in them. It's a failure. Sectarian, schmectarian.

Can Petraeus please be fired now?

(h/t Americablog today)

The's like a bad movie that won't end.

Of course, I meant:

Wellll, I see that Pansy Bastard is here as well. Traveling in good company.

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