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August 03, 2007

YearlyKos check in
Posted by Lorelei Kelly

I'm here at Yearlykos convention for The White House Project.., so am posting on our new blog. Another beautiful day in Chicago...this year 1500 attendees are here (registration had to close, in fact).
Choosing between working sessions is tough...I'm at a progressive infrastructure panel right now ( great independent movies are playing constantly in another room...for movie geeks) Not to mention gazing out the window at the sailboats on the lake....I attended a session on why progressives and the military have in common this morning and there was a dust-up on the dais between panelist John Stoltz of VoteVets and a uniformed questioner. (an Army captain) John took issue with the fact that he was at the conference in uniform (his question was pretty innocuous) but this is a sign of things to come. John is technically right on this, but as a civilian, I must admit I feel a sense of righteousness when someone in a uniform says something I agree with. DESPITE knowing it is wrong to attribute my politics to him or her. Its just wrong. But its hard. And I am continually conflicted. Another panelist, Ilona Meagher, said that after the war, the hard work for the civilians has just do we welcome our troops back and let them know that their experience was meaningful...across the board, from the protesters to the yellow flag crowd...we all need to agree on this.

Our panel on progressive activism and foreign policy is this afternoon...more later...


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Soldiers in Uniform are ABSOLUTELY PROHIBBITED FROM SPEAKING POLITICALLY WHILE IN UNIFORM. It makes no difference if they are pro-iraq or not. And the moderator was Jon Soltz an army reserve captain who has an obligation as an officer in our armed forces to enforce the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Look, honey, unless the Attorney General has designated you Kos Kidz as a fascist, communist or subversive organization you are on melted ice. This is from Army para 1-10, AR 670-1: He would prohibitted from wearing a uniform "When attending any meeting or event that is a function of, or is sponsored by, an extremist organization." You people need help, head on over to Northwestern Memorial Hospital up in Streeterville (any taxi will know where to go) and get some help for your self-centered fascistic ways.

.1. The wearing of the uniform by members of the Armed Forces (including retired members and members of Reserve components) is prohibited under any of the following circumstances:…

3.1.2. During or in connection with furthering political activities, private employment or commercial interests, when an inference of official sponsorship for the activity or interest may be drawn.

3.1.3. Except when authorized by the approval authorities in subparagraph 4.1.1., when participating in activities such as unofficial public speeches, interviews, picket lines, marches, rallies or any public demonstration, which may imply Service sanction of the cause for which the demonstration or activity is conducted.

No, you can't wear it period. Its even on

Look, there's no way you can show that the kid was showing an "inference of official sponsorship" of the event, or that he "brought discredit on the uniform" when asking the question that we vets all want an answer to. He was asking a soldier's question, from a military or strategic position, not a political one-- heck, he could have even been a Democrat, for all we know!

That captain is bringing discredit on the service for being involved with what is becoming considered to be a subversive, fringe outfit, the Daily Kos...

Despite the uniformed soldier barging into a panel as it was wrapping up and belligerently speaking out of tern, and after being warned by a superior officer that he was in violation of decorum and possibly UCMJ, he was allowed to speak uninterrupted for 87 seconds.

Yes, that's right this disruptive child was allowed to besmirch his uniform and waste everyone's time for nearly a minute and a half before the panel began to respond to him.

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