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August 10, 2007

Top Intel Republicans are leaking classified information!
Posted by Moira Whelan

First of all, lets clarify. It is not okay. Ever.

Peter Hoekstra in the New York Post told the world that the US intel budget cut human intelligence. Hat tip: Raw Story. Justin Rood develops the story a bit.

Rood also points out that:

   On July 31, House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio said: "There's been a ruling, over     the last four or five months, that prohibits the ability of our intelligence services and our counterintelligence people from listening in to two terrorists in other parts of the world where the communication could come through the United States."

    Government officials have since confirmed to reporters that Boehner was discussing classified information, although the GOP leader denies it.

In his defense, Boehner only told one person: Neil Cavuto. He is after all, on their team. The problem was the live television camera that was rolling at the time.

So yes, we are all outraged. Lets take a step back, however, and realize that these are two top Republicans in the House capable of learning the super-double top secret information. (Some is so classified, only the leaders and the intel chairs learn about it). They are then choosing to talk about these issues in a political setting and to push political agendas.

So the question of the day...which is more detrimental to our intelligence...the actual leaking of the information so our enemies can use it, or the use of the information by the leaker to manipulate it for a particular political agenda?

As a bonus (and a shout out to Gonzo and the entire White House staff), what about NOT providing classified information when it is requested?

"Wreckless" simply isn't strong enough to describe this.


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Well, "wreckless" would be the wrong word, wouldn't it? I've been driving wrecklessly for years, and have saved a lot of money thereby, but I can't think of how one could leak intelligence wrecklessly.

You could argue that Rep. Boehner didn't know the information was classified, or that his interview shouldn't count as a leak because the information disclosed therein was already available. Those were the arguments made on behalf of the leakers in the Plame case. In any event, though, the choice presented here is moot, because the leak wouldn't have happened had it not been politically useful. Well, to the President anyway. What good it did Boehner I can't see. He's got a safe seat; he'll be around long after Bush is gone. And the key vote on the FISA changes was in the Senate, not the House. Boehner didn't have to say anything in public about this subject. All he gets out of it is some exposure on the Cavuto show -- big deal -- and another autographed picture with George Bush to add to his collection.

It is ironic that the Republicans defend Boehner and Libby for leaking classified documents, but want to prosecute the whistleblowers who cooperated with the New York Times on the NSA wiretap story.

Wreckless? Oh, come on. Neither of the items you cited should have been classified in the first place.

Memo to Moira: Spellcheck, spellcheck, spellcheck! But at least we learned when it's OK to leak classified material. When Bob Narus feels it shouldn't have been classified in the first place.

Well, feel free to explain why either of those statements (one of which was factually incorrect, by the way) should have been classified. There is way too much classification going on, to the point that it is hard to impossible to have a public debate about intelligence issues. Hence the need to look the other way whenever someone on either side of the aisle lets slip some innocuous tidbit like the trend of spending on human intelligence.

Obviously Obama is leading McCain so if Obama can lead McCain, Obama can obviously lead America.

Hi Folks, I am a social conservative that is concerned with a lot of things. I think this election is going to be too close for comfort on either side. I think that an Obama administration would do a better job managing the economy, the war, and unifying America. McCain and Bush seems to be copying everything Obama says even down to McCain stealing Obama's change slogan and yet McCain says Obama is not ready to lead. Go figure! Obviously Obama is leading McCain so if Obama can lead McCain, Obama can obviously lead America.

Democrats are failing to stress that McCain chose Palin to get more women voters and that is it. He was not thinking of America but he was thinking of a smart chess move to gain the votes of women, mainly white, who felt Hillary got disrespected. McCain even used one of those women in an attack ad to start this train moving just before he announced Palin as his VP. After the Palin excitement dies down people will remember that it was the Republicans that bashed Hillary and not Obama during the primaries.
Hillary was the Republican's worst nightmare and they played Democrats against each other by hyping up Obama and belittling Hillary. Now they have changed to belittling Obama and playing to those women who supported Hillary to vote for McCain. Some people will do anything to win and election to keep power.

I think McCain under estimates the women of America. Eventually they will see through this ploy to get votes and be upset that McCain would even think the women of America would even be shallow enough to fall for a ploy like that. After all McCain did not choose a candidate that he felt would best serve America, he choose one he felt could best get him more votes. That is not putting your country first!

Obama on the other hand chose Biden to give Americans their first real look what his big decisions would be like as Commander in Chief. That shows that Obama cares about America. If the worst were to happen to Obama we all know that Biden would serve American well. Ask yourself honestly, if McCain were not to live long at all as President, would you feel comfortable with Palin running the Country? If your answer is no like millions more, to vote for McCain would be irrational and fear based. I want to put America First and that is why I cannot vote for McCain.

I am a Pro Life Conservative that Loves Jesus like many who vote Republican every chance. I voted for GW Bush in the last two elections. I have realized that as a believer I cannot always vote on party lines. Especially since Republicans seem to be more focused on helping the Rich stay rich and big business exploit poorer working class people. Where is the Christ in that? Doesn't the Bible say, you cannot serve God and Money? I must vote for who I feel is best qualified to lead. I think that would be Obama. To say that many of my fellow white Americans could not vote for a man of color is just stupid. Especially in this case because Obama is just as much white as he is black. Remember white America embraced Obama early on and I think most American's will continue to do so, to the chagrin of those who are hoping to divide our great country. To see the fear mongering that many are trying to use is disheartening but I believe that love never fails.

Sadly to say that we are in critical time in history. The next President will have to be a energitic work horse just to get our economy back on track. Look at a few stats below and see just who bad our economy is right now. We need a President that stop the bleeding and hurting that many of us feel.

Look at how badly the Republicans have historical handled the economy. Do we really need four more years of this?
The next president will inherit a record budget deficit of $482 billion +

A $482 billion deficit, however, would easily surpass the record deficit of $413 billion set in 2004.

Financial Disasters
Republican rule:
Post-Civil War Panic
Crisis of the Gilded Age
(1873; Grant)
Grant's Last Panic
(1884; Arthur)
Northern Pacific Comer
(1901; McKinley)
The Knickerbocker Trust Panic
(1907; Teddy Roosevelt)
The Great Wall Street Crash & ensuing Great Depression
(1929; Hoover)
George W. Bush
(2000-08) Largest deficit in US History

Democratic rule:

Grover Cleveland and the Ordeal of 1893-95

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