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August 15, 2007

Highlights from Giuiliani's Foreign Affairs Piece
Posted by Shadi Hamid

“The Terrorists’ War on Us.” When I read this, I almost started laughing. Is he serious? I had read that Giuliani was starting to use this odd-sounding phrase, but he is apparently intent on trademarking it, and using it all the freaking time. As Matt points out, this enough is reason to hope to God he is defeated.

“Peace through Strength”: Orwellian prose alert. If a Democrat said this, I’d be cool, but it really does sound ominous coming from someone who has Normon Podheretz on his foreign policy team.

“The next U.S president must also press ahead with building a national missile defense system.” Oh God, why are conservatives obsessed with this?

 “We must preserve the gains made by the U.S.A. Patriot Act and not unrealistically limit electronic surveillance or legal interrogation.” Civil liberties goodbye.

Btw, I was surprised to see that this article had a somewhat lumbering prose. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the writing style doesn’t quite seem right. For example, “the lesson is never talk for the sake of talking and never accept a bad deal for the sake of making a deal.” What the heck is that? UPDATE: Good, it's not just me. Apparently Kevin Drum feels the same way. He seems to think that a 9-year old wrote the essay. It is possible.   

“This is not to say that talks with Iran cannot possibly work. They could -- but only if we came to the table in a position of strength, knowing what we wanted.” Giuliani is a softie on Iran. He wants to talk to them? Question for Corneristas: who is Michael Ledeen going to vote for now?

“Since leaving the New York City mayor's office, I have traveled to 35 different countries.” So did one of my backpacker friends. But I wouldn’t trust him with our foreign policy, or our domestic policy for that matter. He's, like, one of those crazy lefties who reads Noam Chomsky and stuff.

“Defeating the terrorists must be our principal priority in the near future, but we do not have the luxury of focusing on it to the exclusion of other goals.” Why not? What should we do about the Muslim hordes who are turning Europe into Eurabia

“The world's commitment to end genocide has been sidestepped again and again.” Ok, this is not going to fly. Chris Hitchens, save us from bad writing!   

“It is better to give people a hand up than a handout.” Good job advisor #4.

“The election of Hamas in the Palestinian-controlled territories is a case in point. The problem there is not the lack of statehood but corrupt and unaccountable governance.” This makes no sense. The second sentence bears no relation to the first. 

(Why did I read this article in the first place?)


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“The next U.S president must also press ahead with building a national missile defense system.” Oh God, why are conservatives obsessed with this?

Because they worship Ronald Reagan, and missile defense has been a sacrament in the Church of Latter Day Gippers ever since the Prime Gipper proposed it in 1983.

The next U.S president must also press ahead with building a national missile defense system

Because Raytheon knows that Rudy follows Chicago rules. Once he's bought, he STAYS bought.

Do I detect a generation gap? Peace Through Strength were the Cmte on the Present Danger folks who gave us the Reagan campaign platform and foreign policy.

I also remember feeling a little weird in '03 about Howard Dean bragging about all the countries he'd travelled to (and I was a Dean supporter).

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