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August 07, 2007

Free Friedman
Posted by Shadi Hamid

Thank god - the end of TimeSelect has come. It's about time. The NY Times decision to lock Friedman and Krugman behind a subscription wall struck me, at the time, as a rather bizarre decision. The Times columnists, for better and worse, supplied a good chunk of the morning-coffee water-cooler talk which provided another justification for actually waking up. Then the announcement came, and almost no one could understand how it made any sense - certainly not for the columnists themselves whose readership would be cut drastically, particularly abroad. Thankfully, bad decisions can be undone. I am now re-incorporating Friedman as part of my normal reading schedule. I wonder what he's been writing about lately.


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Now if we could just get the entire WSJ freed from a subscriber's wall!!!

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