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August 28, 2007

Call Your Therapist, Part 3
Posted by Shadi Hamid

Oh boy, here we go again. Yes, you'll probably also need a psychologist to explain "the chain of Republican men who seek illicit sex from other men." Marc Ambinder calls it "a curious phenomenon of our time and deserves a bit more examination." Indeed, more examination is needed. Moral hypocrisy on this matter is not, to be fair, the province of only Republicans. Other well-known offenders include, um, Saudi Arabians. Saudi Arabia apparently has one of the highest rates of gay activity in the world despite homosexuality being seen as religiously forbidden, and an abomination that guarantees an eternity in hellfire.   


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People in many other countries look at the American attitudes toward nudity and sex as weird, or at least quaint. Can't say as I blame them. So who needs a psychologist, the participant or the critic? You want someone to explain sex? Good luck. I never got beyond the field work, myself.

Does Ambinder have any actual evidence that this is a "curious phenomenon of our time"? If not, I would suggest a stepped-up "examination" of the alleged phenomenon constitutes a bit of a witch hunt.

To the contrary, from my observations over the years, moral hypocrisy with regard to illicit sex seems very much to be the province of Republicans. Republicans are, after all, the political party which consistently seeks the warm embrace of religion to justify their party's righteous stand on controversial issues of the day are they not?

I agree wholeheartedly with Glenn Greenwald's observations regarding changing Republican sentiments concerning Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) specifically and other notable instances of illicit sex among politicians. For Republicans it's a function of who the person involved in illicit sex is, what political party they are affiliated with, and timing with regard to the next election that determine how they (i.e. Republicans) respond. For the most part, I find them beneath contempt.

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