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July 12, 2007

Bush vs. the Constitution
Posted by Shadi Hamid

Apparently, Sara Taylor, former White House political director, does not know the difference between taking an oath to the president and taking an oath to the constitution. Watch this video of Taylor's testimony. It is absolutely shocking. Fortunately, for all involved, Patrick Leahy gives her a good scolding. Is there still any doubt that President Bush and VP Cheney have no respect for the integrity of the democratic process, and seem to have only grudging respect for the U.S. constitution? For the Bushies, upholding the constitution is treated not as a committment, but as a concession.

It is ironic that this President talks about the need for groups in the Middle East to commit themselves to the democratic process and all that entails, when he himself has failed to make such a committment.


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Are we really sure that Taylor did not take an oath of featly to President Bush? I know she was supposed to take an oath to uphold the Constitution, but we don't know that is what actually happened.

Of course we all want to believe that her statement was just a slip of the tongue under pressure. Given all that has gone before, can we be certain?

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