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June 30, 2009

American People Smarter on Iran than Neocons
Posted by Adam Blickstein

But that won't stop them from writing Op-Eds, blowing hot air on TV, freaking out on the floor of the Senate and House, or demanding the U.S. impose sanctions against Iran at such a fragile time for its people. From CNN:

A new national poll suggests that that nearly three out of four Americans don't want the U.S. directly intervene in the election crisis in Iran even though most Americans are upset by how the Iranian government has dealt with protests over controversial election results.

Most Americans approve of how President Obama's handled the situation. And 74 percent think the U.S. government should not directly intervene in the post-election crisis, with one out of four feeling that Washington should openly support the demonstrators who are protesting the election results.

Since Congress obviously always does what the American people desire (especially in regards to the public option for health care, which members of Congress are clamoring for after polls show 72% of Americans back this option), I assume the Kirk amendment will immediately and emphatically be dropped from the pending Foreign Operations appropriations bill, in accordance with the vast majority of Americans and to do what's right for the Iranian people. Another nugget from the poll:

"Interestingly, older Americans are more likely to be outraged. They may have bitter memories of the American hostages held by Iran for more than a year in 1979 and 1980," said CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider.

I don't think it's due to their bitter memories from 1979. Old people are just attached to old ideas, and the only people perpetuating these anachronistic and antiquated ideas on Iran and foreign policy are the graybearded neocons. So the generation gap makes complete sense.


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Old people are just attached to old ideas

That's classic, the kind of insight that makes DA great.


Don't tell the neocons.

With any luck they'll go the way of the dinosaurs and the world will be that much better..

There is still no real evidence of election fraud in Iran. Every claim has been compiled and analyzed in detail at, and none stands up to scrutiny.

THINK: Was Mousavi, a former prime minister and very much regime insider, such a threat to the regime that they would have to resort to massive election fraud to keep him out of office? No.

Wow, I've seen Hass posted that comment word for word on two other websites today that are completely unrelated to this one. Fantastic.

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