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February 21, 2008

Bombing Good - Embarrassing Bad
Posted by Michael Cohen

So a couple of days ago, Ilan and I both commented on the contradiction of John McCain criticizing Obama for calling on the US to "bomb Pakistan" the same day it was revealed that the Bush Administration had done just that.

Well yesterday McCain tried to clarify the point . . . but only seemed to muddy the waters. When asked about the Predator attack against a top Al Qaeda operative last month, McCain said he wouldn't comment because he didn't know the facts. But then he added this about Obama's statement:

"The one thing you want to do is not embarrass them (Pakistan)," he said. "I've known these people and I have known them for many years. I know I can work with them for the good of the security of the United States. I would not broadcast to the world that I am going to bomb a sovereign nation in order to accomplish my goal."

So let me see if I have this straight. It's not okay to say you are going to bomb a sovereign country, but actually bombing said country, apparently, that's not so bad. I suppose there would be some logic to McCain's argument if he actually condemned the attack of last month, but near I can tell he has not done that. I wonder if an enterprising reporter might want to follow up with Senator McCain when he gets his facts straight and see if he does.


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I think singing bomb Iran isn't telegraphing your intentions. Any guy who would suck up to Bush after what Bush did to him has serious emotional issues that I don't want to see resolved in the White House...

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Too bad the war in Afghanistan and the situation in Pakistan have yet to be mentioned at this convention. And isn't that quite a swipe at George Bush?

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