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November 01, 2007

Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

According to the military more than 67,000 Iraqis, security forces, militia members, potential participants in a civil war have signed up to work with the government of Iraq in securing ethnically cleansing neighborhoods.

This is great.  We just need to keep arming and organizing these guys while having no political strategy for how to bring the various political fanctions together. 


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"We just need to keep arming and organizing these guys" because there is still a major threat . . .or there isn't. It's so confusing.

According to the Pentagon Puzzle Palace thanscripts:

He quoted one of the detainees as saying, “There is almost nothing left of (al Qaeda in Iraq).”

Our combined tactical efforts with the Iraqi security forces have dealt the enemy, particularly al Qaeda, a serious blow in northern Iraq.

al Qaeda in Iraq, other extremist groups and criminal elements in Iraq continue to be major threats.

You're being too skeptical, Ilan. Name one single time where America has armed a ragtag militia and it's later come back to bite us in the ass. Just won't ever happen.

Monday August 6, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

More than 190,000 AK-47 assault rifles and pistols distributed to Iraqi forces by the US are missing, feared fallen into the hands of insurgents, a congressional watchdog warned today.

Progress, to Juan Cole, means closing the US embassy in Baghdad because of the danger of living and working in the Green Zone.

Here's a letter that Cole received in support:

'As a retired foreign service officer . . . at the State Department in Washington, I would like to add to your rationale for closing the US Embassy in Bagdad to save lives. In addition to the extreme danger involved, many of us would not go to Iraq because there is virtually nothing we can accomplish there. We could have no contact with ordinary Iraqis and would put our professional contacts or, for example, potential cultural exchange grantees, in great danger, simply by virtue of being seen with us, working with us, or participating in our programs. Unless some minimum level of security is established, we would be unable to achieve any worthwhile results, while causing great harm to cooperating Iraqis and their families--putting our own lives as risk for activities that would in the end likely prove useless and even shameful . . .'

Meanwhile, the pin-stripers are balking at "serving their country"'

News report: Mr Crocker [US Ambassador to Iraq] said diplomats who refused were "in the wrong line of business" and ought to put the nation's interests before their own personal safety. On Wednesday, hundreds of US diplomats expressed their anger at the decision, calling it a potential death sentence. The plan has been put forward because of a lack of volunteers for vacancies.

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