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October 31, 2007

Strategic Drift
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

Just reinforcing my previous post.  The Government Accountability Office has essentially concluded that we have no strategy (PDF) for Iraq.

U.S. efforts lack strategies with clear purpose, scope, roles, and performance measures. The U.S. strategy for victory in Iraq partially identifies the agencies responsible for implementing key aspects of the strategy and does not fully address how the United States would integrate its goals with those of the Iraqis and the international community. U.S. efforts to develop Iraqi ministry capability lack an overall strategy, no lead agency provides overall direction, and U.S. priorities have been subject to numerous changes. The weaknesses in U.S. strategic planning are compounded by the Iraqi government’s lack of integrated strategic planning in its critical energy sector.

I tend to think that the country's political leadership owes it to 165,000 American troops serving in Iraq to at least have a strategy.  Even if it is a bad strategy.


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Well if raping the American treasury for fun and profit isn't a strategy then I don't know what is.

Well done President Bush, our first MBA President.

Oil is nearly $100 a barrel, corporate profits and the stock market are setting records, political campaigns are aflush with money--the GAO just doesn't get it. Some accountants!

Maybe if they had QuickPlanner Plus we might actually have a winning strategy!

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