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October 10, 2007

Don't Be Dissing the Beatles
Posted by Michael Cohen

I have to say I've never really understood some people's obsession with Radiohead. I like the Bends and OK Computer is . . well, ok, but they've never done anything for me even after repeated lessons. Nonetheless I have many friends and ex-girlfriends who swear by them so I've basically learned to keep my mouth shut when it comes to these kinds of discussions.

But today, my blog-mate, Shadi Hamid made this statement, "Still, listening to this British band – the successor, in some ways, to the Beatles and U2, if not in accessibility, than surely in talent." 

Surely in talent? Surely you jest? This really goes too far . . . First of all, I wouldn't even put U2 in the same breath as the Beatles, but Radiohead.  No matter how good Radiohead may or may not be, on the talent meter they have to fall a few notches behind the most important and influential band in musical history. When Radiohead makes an album as good as this one or this one or maybe this one then maybe you can put on the same talent level as the Beatles, but until then . . . I would hold off on the platitudes.

If I may paraphrase Larry Holmes, Thom Yorke couldn't carry Paul McCartney's  . . . well you know.


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Hey, contributors. You know what be really awesome? If we had more posts on what each of your favorite bands is. I see eleven contributors, and we've only had four posts today about your favorite bands! C'mon, where are the rest of you?

By my count, that's five posts in a row with no point at all.

I'm not making judgments. It's just a bit unusual.

This may be generational bias (as in I wasn't alive yet at the height of their populary) but the Beatles have always struck me as being enormously over-rated. I'd say we're many years away from knowing what Radiohead's ultimate place in the music pantheon is, but I can assure that the Beatles occupy a higher position than they should.

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Well, the Beatles always seemed greatly overrated. I say that we are many years of what Radiohead last place in the pantheon of music, but I can assure you that the Beatles have a higher position than they should.

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The Beatles always seemed greatly overrated. I say that we are many years of what Radiohead last place in the pantheon of music. Thank you!

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