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September 13, 2007

Jane to Mike [McConnell]: Please Stop.
Posted by Heather Hurlburt

Were you disgusted by that whole business of Joe Lieberman pressing the Director of National Intelligence to say that the excessive new FISA law had enabled the capture of terrorism suspects in Germany, seeing this trumpeted in the papers, then the subsequent climbdown (oops, they were under surveillance for months, authorized by the previous law that the Administration claimed was "inadequate") covered as one paragraph in the Times and apparently not covered at all by the Post and CNN?  Wonder why no one said anything?

Representative Jane Harman to the rescue, at the Council on Foreign Relations no less.  Just a small bit of flavor:

"Jane to Mike: please stop. You're undermining the authority of your office."

Disclaimer/advertisement:  Harman's PAC, SecureUS, trains Democratic Congressional candidates -- from across the D spectrum -- to learn the basics and be comfortable going on the offensive on national security and military issues.  The PAC is a client of mine.


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Though it should be pointed out that Harman wasn't far from Lieberman on a lot of issues back in the day. She seems to have undergone some conversion, but I don't trust her yet.

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Representative Jane Harman to the rescue, at the Council on Foreign Relations no less. Just a small bit of flavor:

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