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August 30, 2007

Allawi Picks Up Major Endorsement
Posted by Moira Whelan

What the...??? The Baath Party? The political situation in Iraq may have just officially moved from bad to Felliniesque.


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More like le Carre. I don't remember anything as stupid and inhuman as this in a Fellini movie.

If we go through with the coup we're declaring war against the Shias. No wonder Bin Laden believes in God.

Why is this surprising? Allawi has always been a relatively pro-Baathist figure since the occupation began, and that's the main issue that has kept him out of the government ever since the Shiite-Kurdish alliance took over.

As Cal says, that's why an Allawi coup would be taken by the Shias as a declaration of war.

Yes, I was also wondering why this endorsement is surprising. Hasn't the Allawi faction been referred to in the past as "neo-Baath"?

I hear he also has the endorsement of the Connecticut for Lieberman party.

Read Conflicts Forum, understand the deals we've been cutting with the Baathists, and understand that Allawi is our tool for selling out the Shias and joining up with the Sunnis, because that helps us dump on Iran more logically and consistently. Then it all makes sense. Although it remains very stupid.

Thank you glasnost.
I've been comparing Belfast to what might be possible in Baghdad (and Palestine)--and here it is! Do we still have a State Department?? Earth to Condi, . . .

"Alastair Crooke, a veteran of secret negotiations in many parts of the world, sets out his personal view that the policy of dialogue with armed groups, that proved successful in the Northern Ireland peace process, should now be used to help resolve conflict in the Middle East."

Selling out the Shias? I don't think they'd like that, what with all that democracy we gave them.

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I hear he also has the endorsement of the Connecticut for Lieberman party
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