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February 23, 2007

More lighter side
Posted by Rosa Brooks

From my friend Jack Balkin at Balkinization:

My solution to the Iraq War-- partial privatization of national security!

Frankly, I'm tired of debates about whether the Democrats should pass statutes bringing the troops home, limiting redeployments, or placing conditions in future appropriations bills.

I think the best solution to the Iraq war is to take a page from the signature domestic policy initiative of President Bush's second term.

I propose that each President be given a personal National Security Investment Savings Account modeled on the proposed Social Security Investment Savings Accounts. Under this partial privatization of National Security, each Commander-in-Chief would be given a specific amount of money taken from the national budget that he could invest in stocks, bonds, or other financial investments. He can then use the proceeds to fund any military actions or preemptive strikes he likes.
After all, it's his money.

Like most Americans, Commanders-in-Chief should be encouraged to save responsibly for their future military invasions and preemptive attacks.


Read the rest here.


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I'll go you one better--let's privatize the whole government! In fact, I've written a new charter for America, Inc. patterned on the US Constitution. Here's the first paragraph:

We, the stockholders of the United Corporations, in order to form a more perfect corporation, maximize profit for the preferred, insure tranquility, provide for the corporate Empire, and secure monetary blessings for the elite, do hereby ordain and establish this corporate charter for the United Corporations of America, Incorporated ('America, Inc.'). . .

The charter also includes a non-binding Bill of Rights.