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September 22, 2006

New Issue of Democracy
Posted by Michael Signer

The second edition of the new journal Democracy has just been released.  The initial issue was covered intensely by The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and other newspapers and websites around the country. Maureen Dowd said they “might help the wretched Democrats stop driving on Ambien and snatch back a little power.”  David Broder hailed the first issue as “really impressive.”

The second issue includes provocative articles from a wide range of thinkers and writers from across the political spectrum:


Princeton’s G. John Ikenberry argues that America’s problems abroad aren’t just because of President Bush’s bungling, but because the US is stuck in a “security trap.”

Karen Kornbluh, policy director to Senator Barack Obama, puts forward a new social insurance policy for today’s “juggler families.”

Ambassador Dennis Ross looks at the life of Ariel Sharon and his legacy in an increasingly explosive Middle East.

One year after Hurricane Katrina, Elaine Kamarck writes that with a future of global climate change and terrorism, we need to change the way our government thinks about preparing for disasters.

Harvard’s Joseph Nye, Jr. revisits his theory of soft power.

Joel Kotkin of the New America Foundation argues that coffeehouses and condos won’t revive America’s cities, but creating places where the middle class can thrive and grow will.

Bill Galston looks at George Lakoff, Theda Skocpol reviews the GI Bill, James Galbraith explains how to look at democracy and development, Anatol Lieven critiques my article my prior piece for Democracy on American exemplarism, Peter Beinart responds to Michael Lind on the question of muscular liberal foreign policy, and Naazeen Barma and Ely Ratner explore China’s illiberal challenge.

Check it out!


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Christ, what does Signer do in his spare time? Just reading his bio tires me out.

"Driving on Ambien"--cool. The Dems aren't spineless any more--they're on drugs.

Getting out of the "Security Trap" and getting into a new world social order not based on US hegemony is a noble and worthwhile goal. Unfortunately the vast military machine we have created has local roots in all or most congressional districts. For example the new F-22 air force fighter, in development since 1986 even though there is no threat and currently sucking up over $4 billion per year, has 1,000 subcontractors in 42 states which just dares a congressman/woman to question its worth. And this same congresswoman/man has to continue to vote for more money for Operation Iraqi Fiasco "to support the troops" so there is no end in sight. All politics are local, they say, and so when it comes to jobs and troop support it's the local version of the "security trap." Pass the Ambien, por favor.

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