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September 24, 2006

Libya: Murder on the Docket
Posted by Lorelei Kelly

Despite the fact that the US Congress may soon be voting on a bill that many believe sanctions torture  ....Americans should ramp up their outrage for a human rights blight ongoing right now in Libya. Refresher: The USA "made friends" with Libya a few years back, ostensibly because Gadaffi opened up his notably unimpressive nuclear program to international inspection...This shocked many as it happened less than two decades after Libya blew up Pan Am 103 over Scotland.  (I'm in that group, as I lived in London at the time, and knew people on the flight)  Hopefully, the blogs can make up for the lack of attention to this dreadful situation:

"Imagine that five American nurses and a British doctor have been detained and tortured in a Libyan prison since 1999, and that a Libyan prosecutor called at the end of August for their execution… on trumped-up charges of deliberately contaminating more than 400 children with HIV in 1998. Meanwhile, the international community and its leaders sit by, spectators of a farce of a trial, leaving a handful of dedicated volunteer humanitarian lawyers and scientists to try to secure their release.

Implausible? That scenario, with the medics enduring prison conditions reminiscent of the film Midnight Express,  is currently playing out in a Tripoli court, except that the nationalities of the medics are different . The nurses are from Bulgaria and the doctor is Palestinian."

These poor souls have been locked up since 1999. Their retrial has been postponed until October 31st.  Maybe Gaddafi's British educated son --who runs a charitable foundation--could call dad about a human rights at home sometime in the next 30 days?

This is a red  and a blue  issue.  Another site for background is here


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Sorry, as a citizen of a country ruled by a government which officially sanctions torture and summary execution, has tortured and killed many innocent people for many years, and continues to do so, I feel morally and logically constrained from criticizing other countries' torture and execution policies. Call it a cost of doing business. Omar Gaddafi is a piker compared to us.

Mercury in Shots given to kids across the US - and the things done to Native Americans - It's hard not to think there might be some truth in the allegations.

I am really surprised with human rights talk, like in this article, that looks to events from one side only. You did not say anything about the 400 kids, some on which are dead, and their poor families. Do you know how much respect your country have to human rights? Watch news from Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan...etc.

well, here is the deal. First, you getthe most important point wrong. Libya did not blow up that plane, they took responsibility for it because they wanted to end the sanctions, not because they caused it:

second, they are just doing to the west what the west did to them over Lockerbie. They have trumped evidence to act like these people are guilty of anything, and they are trying to blackmail the west into paying them off. The USA is big and powerful, so they made Libya suffer for political reasons. Libya is picking on a weaker country to try to gain some of the status they lost from being blackmailed back and a little money in the process.

I feel very sorry for the people caught up in this conflict. It is too bad that innocent people are made to bear the burden of big diplomatic issues. But basically, this is a case of "what goes around comes around".

we are a soverign state
we have good judges
we have had dead and some alive hiv victims who happen to be children
they have families who love them
we have attorneys with conscious and professional
i am disgusted with your outright denial of everything
may be the question is: WHY did they do it? what was the motive?

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