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March 18, 2005

Newsflash: Wolfowitz to Listen
Posted by The Editors

The Drudge Report has a headline reporting on a statement by Wolfowitz  who says he will "do a lot of listening" as he readies to assume the helm of the World Bank.   That is laudable on Wolfowitz's part; he is borrowing a page from Hillary Clinton who pioneered the "listening tour" in the early stage of her campaign for Senate in New York.   But in featuring what should be the blandest of all headlines, Drudge acknowledges what we all know - that its truly novel for a Bush Administration official to pledge to listen to the rest of the world.   In fact, the FT article is full of conciliatory remarks by Wolfowitz.  He says: "This is not about changing the agenda of the World Bank. The agenda of the World Bank is about poverty reduction, about helping billions of people lift themselves up out of misery. It's a unifying mission that brings people together, and I look forward to that opportunity."   Either the conservative message machine has finally figured out how to spin the rest of the world as well as they do the U.S. public,  or Wolfowitz is genuinely buoyed by the prospect of an agenda that draws in rather than repels others.


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