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December 22, 2011

Republican Foreign Policy Mad Libs
Posted by David Shorr

Lens14116691_1286593564MadLibsFor many of those traveling for the holidays, this will involve a long road trip by car. When I was young, the best way to amuse ourselves was Mad Libs. So I thought our Republican friends might enjoy a Mad Libs edition of their foreign policy argument:

This president has been a disaster in foreign policy. That’s because he doesn’t believe in ________________. Over and over again, Pres. Obama

                      Superlative about American greatness 

has acted as if it matters what they think in other countries. He lets foreign leaders believe they can disagree with America and refuse to do what we tell them. 


We need a president who will be _________________________ . When

                                  adjective that sounds good when said with set jaw / steely gaze

___________ is president, the rest of the world will understand that they

GOP candidate

can’t run around disobeying the United States.   The key to foreign policy is an unwavering belief in our rightness and policies that drive home our unwillingness to compromise. President ___________ will never allow _________  to do / have __________. 

                                                                                          GOP Candidate                                   bad guy / country                                bad thing

S/he would _______________________________________________

tough-sounding step that might / might not be practical and President Obama may or may not already be doing


Most disastrous of all, President Obama has not supported America's allies _________. A Republican


administration would _____________________________. It's obvious that this president doesn't take the threat 

                             action or position that'd be extreme-right even in Israeli politics

of a nuclear-armed Iran seriously, because he hasn't attacked Iran yet.


And speaking of wars, it's also obvious that President Obama doesn't understand the need for more of them. Why is he pulling US troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan? As the party that has for decades benefitted politically from an image of being pro-military, we call for presidents to listen to military commanders. Because as it says in the Constitution, the president is the advice-receiver-in-chief. 

My bit of holiday fun for our Republican friends. Hope they enjoy it. Best thing is, none of the mad libs have to have a basis in fact.


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tough-sounding step that might / might not be practical and President Obama may or may not already be doing

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Very good post! Thanks a lot for it.

nice article.

The same dynamic is playing out right now in Afghanistan. Yet some irresponsible politicians with dangerous ties to a foreign state still claim that war is the answer. If the question is, "how can we get elected?" or "how can I get rich?", then, yes, war actually is the answer.

The same dynamic is playing out right now in Afghanistan.

Very entertaining! Put a smile on my face :-)

Great post, thanks a lot!

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