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November 15, 2011

The Not-So-Great Debaters
Posted by Michael Cohen

So I'm a little late to the game here (especially after the phenomenal work of my DA colleagues) but my take on each candidate's performance at the GOP national security debate is up at Foreign Policy this morning.

Here's some thoughts on Michele Bachmann's "interesting" performance:

Michele Bachmann -- The Loose Cannon: I've been having a tough time trying to figure out the nuttiest thing that Michele Bachmann said on Saturday night. Was it when she ludicrously argued that if the president had sent a surge force of 40,000, rather than 30,000, troops to Afghanistan, it would have ensured U.S. success in the war there? Was it when she said the Middle East "table is being set for worldwide nuclear war against Israel"? Was it when she said that Obama is allowing the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to run the CIA (a comment that will undoubtedly come as a surprise to the ACLU -- and the CIA)? Was it when she praised the Chinese communist government because it doesn't have a modern welfare state and, in particular, "food stamps" or an AFDC federal program that the United States hasn't had for 15 years?

No, the nuttiest moment came when Bachmann said that Obama has decided to "lose" the war on terror (a comment that will undoubtedly come as a surprise to a certain resident at the bottom of the Arabian Sea).

 You can read the whole thing here


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"a comment that will undoubtedly come as a surprise to a certain resident at the bottom of the Arabian Sea" what's the meaning of this sentence?

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I think it's good that we take a very good look at what each candidate says about foreign policy and this is a good rundown and dissection of each presidential hopeful on that matter. I'd say Paul and Santorum would be more of a moderate in terms of fp

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