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March 10, 2011

The Politics of Scapegoating
Posted by Michael Cohen

So NSN is doing a great job of exposing the bad policy and McCarthyite posturing behind the King hearings on supposed radicaliation in the Muslim community . . . but over at Politico I take a look at the bad politics:

If the goal of House Republicans is to ensure their party remains the overwhelming province of white voters, this week’s House Homeland Security Committee hearings on radicalization among American Muslims is an excellent place to start.

Chairman Peter King’s lurid accusations that younger Muslims are embracing Al Qaeda, as well as the New York Republican’s bogus charges that Muslims refuse to cooperate with law enforcement on terrorism cases and that 80 percent of U.S. mosques are controlled by radical imams appear likely to alienate more minority voters. It seems a surefire way to guarantee that Republicans lose the support of yet another minority group it once assiduously courted.

Indeed, the drop-off in support of Republicans among Muslims continues a pattern of failed outreach to minority populations and scapegoating of nonwhite groups that has become a depressing part of GOP politics in the past four decades.

You can read the whole thing here


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You know what Peter kings response Shud of been? Bring in all the families of the thousands and thousands of people who died at the hands of Muslim terror the last decade.

The fact that Congressman King needs police protection and is getting “international” threats only proves his point. There is an “international” source controlling sleeper cells in THIS country…and THEY don’t want them to be revealed. Peter King is a true “Profile in Courage”. May Has hem protect him as well assist him in his efforts to protect all of us.

in THIS country…and THEY don’t want them to be revealed. Peter King is a true “Profile in Courage”. May Has hem protect him as well assist h

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Meanwhile, white (christian?) militia group leaders arrested in Fairbanks for allegedly plotting the murders of federal employees.

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Mr. Cohen is right about the Republicans. Christianity now has over 32,000 denominations and that number is increasing every year as the overall Christian population is decreasing every year. Constant squabbling over who are the "real" Christians is the main reason for the denominational proliferation. The same thing is happening to the Republican Party from within. If you have enough "purity tests," you'll ultimately end up being a party of one (and very likely a highly repugnant one).

Politics and Politicians will always involve dirty acts. It's just best to get away from it. It's overwhelming what we don't know yet about it.

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Some politicians are scapegoating because they are afraid of the sanctions to be charged to them for the mistakes they've done. They are such foolish coward politicians.

I hope people will select those politicians who have the words of honor.

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