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September 25, 2010

Should We Let Rising Powers into Our Club?
Posted by David Shorr

Sometimes when you run across an opposing viewpoint, it can really spur you to sharpen your own argument. Such was the case when I read former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda's "Not Ready for Prime Time" article on rising powers in Foreign Affairs (published in shorter, paywall-less form in the Los Angeles Times). Castañeda has a pretty low opinion of the rising powers as pillars of the rules-based global order and recommends they be kept on a diplomatic wait-list before being admitted to the inner sanctum.

The good people at The Globalist published my rejoinder earlier this week. Here's an excerpt:

Mr. Castañeda’s idea of a political purgatory for the rising powers is unworkable and based on a misreading of today’s world. Pulling the new powers into closer consultation is much more likely to boost their adherence to multilateral norms than imperiously declaring them unready. Russia’s newfound zeal for pressuring Iran, largely attributable to the recent reset of U.S.-Russian relations, is a case in point.

As they say, read the whole thing.


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Such was the case when I read former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda's "Not Ready for Prime Time" article on rising powers in Foreign Affairs (published in shorter, paywall-less form in the Los Angeles Times). Castañeda has a pretty low opinion of the rising powers as pillars of the rules-based global order and recommends they be kept on a diplomatic wait-list before being admitted to the inner sanctum.
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