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June 21, 2010

The Patriotic and National Security Imperative of Mosque Building
Posted by Michael Cohen

In an ongoing effort to see how many nasty e-mails I can get from AOL subscribers I have a new piece at AOLNews arguing that recent protests against mosque building in Staten Island, at Ground Zero and elsewhere are fundamentally unpatriotic:

Many of these protests reflect a basic lack of understanding about Islam and the connection between American Muslims and terrorism. While it's obviously correct that 19 Muslims, under the banner of al-Qaida, carried out the 9/11 attacks, it is something altogether different to hold an entire religion of 1.5 billion people responsible for this terrible deed. This would be akin to holding all Christians responsible for the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller last year -- in a church no less.

Moreover, it 's nearly impossible to find any in the American Muslim community who supported the 9/11 attacks or jihadist terror in general. A recent poll of American Muslims indicated that only 5 percent had a favorable view of al-Qaida. In fact, al-Qaida's declining popularity in the Islamic world is indicative of the response that its terrorist attacks have generated among fellow Muslims -- one of revulsion rather than acceptance. It's a fact that bears repeating over and over again: The overwhelming majority of Muslims have rejected al-Qaida's murderous ideology.

But perhaps the greatest irony of the growing domestic opposition to mosque building is that it plays directly into the narrative of those who initiated the 9/11 attacks and their depiction of the U.S. as an anti-Muslim society.

Read the whole thing here


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But perhaps the greatest irony of the growing domestic opposition to mosque building is that it plays directly into the narrative of those who initiated the 9/11 attacks and their depiction of the U.S. as an anti-Muslim society.

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