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April 29, 2010

Schlesinger to Focus on Tactical Nukes—Says New START Reductions are “ Quite Adequate”
Posted by Kelsey Hartigan

From James R. Schlesinger:

While New Start may be acceptable in the narrow context of strategic weapons, it also needs to be considered in a much larger context. In particular, as I shall come to later, it must be viewed in terms of the evolving Russian doctrine regarding tactical nuclear weapons use and on the balance between Russia’s substantial stockpile of tactical nuclear weapons – which are excluded under this Treaty – and strategic weapons.  As to the stated context of strategic nuclear weapons, the numbers specified are quite adequate."

Schlesinger will go on to focus on tactical weapons and the need to engage Russia on this topic. 

Given that countless military and national security experts have viewed the New START accord as a starting point, calling for future negotiations once this treaty is ratified and enters into force, Schlesinger’s observations regarding the need to engage Russia on tactical weapons is warranted.  Importantly, Schlesinger’s comments echo objectives already laid out in the NPR.

The 2010 Nuclear Posture Review states that the U.S should direct future efforts to: 

Engage Russia, after ratification and entry into force of New START, in negotiations aimed at achieving substantial further nuclear force reductions and transparency that would cover all nuclear weapons – deployed and non-deployed, strategic and nonstrategic.  


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I never forget that Schlesinger said that Russia official press has “bragged” that the new treaty counting rules give Russia 2,100 strategic weapons instead of the 1,550 specified in the treaty.

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