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March 02, 2010

Is America Becoming a Banana Republic Watch - The John Cornyn Version
Posted by Michael Cohen

So yesterday, I argued that Jim Bunning is a virtual madmen who out of personal pique and possibly some sort of chemical imbalance is stopping the United States Senate dead in its tracks so he can make a point about the evils of deficit spending - which he has vigorously supported the past.

Well it's good to see that in the world's greatest deliberative body he is far from alone. Here is John Cornyn doubling down on a whole mess of crazy:

"I admire the courage of the junior senator from Kentucky, Senator Bunning," Cornyn said, also on the Senate floor. "It's not fun to be accused of having no compassion for the people who are out of work, the people for who these benefits should be forthcoming, and I believe will be forthcoming. But somebody has to stand up, finally, and say enough is enough, no more inter-generational theft from our children and grandchildren by not meeting our responsibilities today. And that's what I interpret him to have done."

You know what's less fun then being accused of having no compassion for people . . . actually having no compassion for people.  

Only in the alternate universe where John Cornyn and Jim Bunning reside would denying benefits for working Americas and further sapping the economic competitiveness of a great and powerful country be considered "courage." Ladies and Gentlemen: your 2010 Republican party. 

But in case you're wondering about the past courage of John Cornyn in standing up against inter-generational theft . . . how do you think he voted when the US Senate was debating a bill to saddle his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with hundreds of billions in an unfunded drug benefit for Medicare recipients; how do you think he voted when the Senate was debating spending $87 billion for the Iraq supplemental in 2004; and how do you think Jon Kyl voted on those 2001 Bush tax cuts that blew a gigantic hole in the federal deficit? Do I even have to answer the question? And you know I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate that the hundreds of thousands of people who may lose unemployment benefits over Jim Bunning's derangement are probably more concerned about providing for their children today . . . rather than worrying about the long-term impact on them of expanding the deficit by $10 billion. But there I go again putting the needs of actual people ahead of a poll-tested talking point.

When mindless obstructionism, that does actual hurts real flesh and blood Americans, is portrayed as "courage" - and is brazenly and unambiguously hypocritical -- it's a clear indication that your country is well on its way to achieving banana republic status.


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Banana Republic

what's less fun then being accused of having no compassion for people

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