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March 05, 2010

How Does This Win Us Respect on National Security?
Posted by Patrick Barry

I think it's safe to say that the Obama administration is aware that by deciding to try KSM using a military commission, they will piss off a lot of progressives.  What I'm not sure they understand is that the choice would also come as a huge disappointment to a slew of foreign policy and military leaders perceived to be above the political fray. Colin Powell, Steve Simon, Ali Soufan.  You name em'.  These guys put their credibility on the line in support of civilian trials, and now what? Where will they end up the next time the administration faces a major fight on national security (You can bet it will)?  Obama's advisers should ask themselves whether the political ground won through such a decision will be worth the consequences of leaving some of their top national security supporters fluttering in the wind.


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Obama cloaks KSM et al. with all the constitutional protections to which American citizens are entitled under the United States Constitution.

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Now there is going to be a lot of criticism in the liberal blogosphere -a line wedding dresses and elsewhere - of President Obama for this decision. Some of it is deserved. But there is rich irony indeedGucci Leather Hobo Bag in the notion that Obama will take the hit for his. Now as my bloggingmate Heather Hurlburt will almost certainly argue the Obama Administration screwed up the public relations badly on this - and she's right. ButLouis Vuitton Pochette Baikal in fact when one looks across the political spectrum it was perhaps the Obama Administration that stood up the most consistently - though imperfectly - for the promulgation of the rule of law. (Though granted we're talking about a rather thin pool).

First and foremost, blameswiss replica watches must obviously be directed at President Bush, Vice President Cheney and their many acolytes inside and outside government who pushed for this illegal system of military tribunals. It's bad enough that they left this mess for Obama to clean-up, but after losing power they then used the malevolent argument that civilian trials foridentify montblanc pens terrorists would put the country at risk to push for its continuation. Shame on them and shame on a political party that would so matter of factly toss the rule of law into the gutter.

Second, where were the Democrats? Sure there were many who advocated for civilian trials and who demanded an end to military tribunals and the closure of Gitmo. Buttiffany colorful jewelries when Obama wanted to close Guantanamo Bay in May of last year, profile in courage Jim Webb solemnly declared "We spent hundreds of millions of dollars building an appropriate facility with all security precautions on Guantanamo to try these cases. I do not believe they should be tried in the United States." Harry Reid wasn't much better saying, "We will never allow terrorists to be released in the United States."

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By using KSM might pissed off a lot of progressives. But I am sure that they have look at many solution and this might getting to the result more effectively.
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By using KSM might pissed off a lot of progressives. But I am sure that they have look at many solution and this might getting to the result more effectively.

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