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October 22, 2009

Lamar Alexander Slams Cheney, Defends Obama
Posted by Adam Blickstein

Dick Cheney was pretty unhinged last night as he struggles to defend his failed record in Afghanistan. Needless to say, several government officials and a retired military officer more serious about national security than partisan sniping responded forcefully to Cheney's absurd attacks. Call me surprised, then, when one of those level-headed politicians offering a sobering rebuttal of the former Vice President turned out to be Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, who today said:

"I think President Obama is entitled to take sufficient time to decide what  our long-term role ought to be in Afghanistan. Then I think he should come to  Congress and say to the American people what that plan is and see if he can  persuade us and all of the American people of the rightness of it because he  needs to have support all the way through to the end of that mission, so I want  him to take the time to get it right." 

Maybe the water's edge just got a little closer to the Capitol building? Full video below:



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I'd like to give due credit to a similar public expression by Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) back on September 27 (

Now we know who will be the next Republican to be called a RINO and ostracized by the idiots that have hijacked that party. How long did it take for the Whigs to no longer exist?

Obama is waffling on Afghanistan himself !!!

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