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October 08, 2009

Jennifer Rubin Has An Awfully Short Memory
Posted by Michael Cohen

Look I could spend all day snarking off the material produced by the Commentary "Contentions" blog, but generally I resist the urge. Today is different. I had to read these two sentences a few times to make sure it says what I think it says:

America’s enemies certainly aren’t impressed by a confession of bureaucratic incompetence. And the public may once again be horrified to learn that the Obama national-security team is the most inept in history.

Can you imagine any person who has been conscious over the past 8 years making a statement like this? I don't want to say this is the most astoundingly ridiculous and historically illiterate thing I've read about American foreign policy in quite some time . . . but it's definitely in the top ten.

You know I'll make you a deal Jennifer; when Barack Obama plunges this nation into a 6 year war of choice that kills more than 4000 soldiers and costs more than a trillion dollars in direct and indirect costs versus an enemy that doesn't even threaten the United States and puts virtually no thought into the post-war occupation of said country; then perhaps we can have a conversation about the most inept national security team in American history. Until then, you may want to take some time to re-think this blog post.


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Jennifer Rubin Has An Awfully Short Memory:

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