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September 23, 2009

Maintaining America's Relevance
Posted by Max Bergmann

Over the last eight years the U.S. had become increasingly irrelevant on key global issues - such as nonproliferation, energy, climate change - and as a result lost influence globally and witnessed the world become increasingly fractured. Sitting on the sidelines as we did over the last years was a recipe for American irrelevance. President Obama's speech recognizes the simple fact that if the U.S. is going to remain the most powerful and influential actor in the world - it has to seriously engage.

By emphasizing in his speech the growing danger resulting from the spread of nuclear weapons and the increasing fragility of the global consensus on nonproliferation, Obama is not only attempting to ensure America's security, but America's continued global geopolitical standing.

We are a status quo power. And maintaining the status quo ensures are continued influence. Therefore, attempting to reduce nuclear arsenals worldwide not only serves to decrease the threat of these weapons falling into the hands of terrorists but attempts to ensure that countries cannot suddenly emerge to upset the current balance of power by gaining nuclear weapons. As the the President said:

If we fail to act, we will invite nuclear arms races in every region, and the prospect of wars and acts of terror on a scale that we can hardly imagine.

This is not only bad for global security but undercuts our power and influence globally.


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