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September 21, 2009

Blogging the McChrystal Review
Posted by Michael Cohen

There's a lot to discuss about the McChrystal review and I'll try to keep a running tally of posts going throughout the day as I slog though it. This graf from the Woodward leak article really jumped out at me though:

He (McChrystal) repeatedly warns that without more forces and the rapid implementation of a genuine counterinsurgency strategy, defeat is likely. McChrystal describes an Afghan government riddled with corruption and an international force undermined by tactics that alienate civilians.

Here are some of the follow-up quotes from the report:

The weakness of state institutions, malign actions of power-brokers, widespread corruption and abuse of power by various officials, and ISAF's own errors, have given Afghans little reason to support their government.

Afghan social, political, economic, and cultural affairs are complex and poorly understood. ISAF does not sufficiently appreciate the dynamics in local communities, nor how the insurgency, corruption, incompetent officials, power-brokers, and criminality all combine to affect the Afghan population.

Um, if the Afghan government is riddled with corruption and ISAF doesn't understand how to prosecute a counter-insurgency strategy . . . why exactly are we prosecuting a counter-insurgency strategy. I mean how exactly are we supposed to stand up an Afghan government if that same government is seen as corrupt and illegitimate? And why does McChrystal believe that the problems with ISAF and embracing COIN doctrine will be turned around in 12 months?


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I don’t know, can he say no to General McChrystal? If he needs to say no, I hope he does, but if he says yes, I hope he does what he needs to for the continued protection of our country and the USA.

I don't think so about General Chrystal's comments...but in my opinion war is a so harmful for citizens...

Why doesn't McChrystal resign NOW. Same applies to EVERYONE in the military. Every single soldier in the military NEEDS to resign. These soldiers need to say NO to giving citizens the poison [soul condemning] swine flu shots and say NO to the NWO fags.

If people would just seriously WAKE THE HELL UP NOW, the NWO can be DEFEATED. There is STRENGTH in numbers.

Michael, when you ask a question use a question mark. Otherwise it just doesn't look like the question it actually is.

Nice crowd you're attracting there, too. It's your stunning mastery of both grammar and vocabulary, as well as the stellar logic and indisputable genius.

What "Ace" doesn't realize is that Cohen has been promised a ministerial position in the New World Order.

Ace... Cohen was on the team that developed the plan to use the flu shots to condemn the souls of the citizens. He is one of the NWO's most brilliant soul-destruction planners. Many in the organization believe that he will be the one to ultimately unite the world under one government. He's considered kind of a "golden child" in that way.

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As far as I know Gen McChrystal issued a dire warning to Mr Obama in September, saying the Afghan mission could fail without more troops. Early in his presidency Mr Obama sent an additional 21,000 troops. It is these that have already begun to make a difference....

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