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July 01, 2009

NSN Daily Update: 7/1/09
Posted by The National Security Network

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What We’re Reading

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asserted that his electoral victory represented the failure of his enemies’ attempts at a “soft overthrow.” Iran’s chief of staff, Hassan Firouzabadi, was quoted as saying that European countries are not qualified to participate in nuclear talks until they apologize for “interference” in post-election riots. The Iranian authorities temporarily shut down the newspaper run by failed presidential contender Mahdi Barroubi, as part of an effort to contain and silence the opposition movement.

The Organization of American States gave Honduras three days to reinstate the deposed president, Manuel Zelaya. The newly appointed interim president, Roberto Micheletti, threatened to arrest Zelaya if he returns to Honduras.

The U.S. Treasury and State Departments announced actions against two North Korean companies in an effort to curtail North Korea’s ability to finance trade in missiles and nuclear materials. A U.N. official reported that food aid to North Korea has dried up in the wake of its May nuclear test, although its people’s need is acute as ever.

In China, the buying and selling of make-believe currency in online games like World of Warcraft has become so widespread that Chinese authorities are fearing it will affect the real economy.

According to an opinion poll released Wednesday, the vast majority of Pakistanis view the Taliban as a threat. Islamic fundamentalists in the country have begun targeting fruit juice bars, which are considered dens of immorality.

Commentary of the Day

Carlos Alberto Montaner argues that the coup in Honduras reflects a conflict between two ways of understanding the role of the state.

Glenn Garvin claims there is nothing shocking about the coup, and faults “new-found defenders of Honduran democracy.”

Contributors at the New York Times celebrate Canada Day.

The LA Times applauds the return of Iraq to Iraqis


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Glenn Garvin claims there is nothing shocking about the coup, and faults “new-found defenders of Honduran democracy.

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