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June 18, 2009

What to do on Iran
Posted by Patrick Barry

John Kerry gets it:John_kerry

We can’t escape the reality that for reformers in Tehran to have any hope for success, Iran’s election must be about Iran — not America. And if the street protests of the last days have taught us anything, it is that this is an Iranian moment, not an American one...

...Words are important. President Obama has made that clear in devising a new approach to Iran and the wider Muslim world. In offering negotiation and conciliation, he has put the region’s extremists on the defensive.

We have seen the results of this new vision already. His outreach may have helped to make a difference in the election last week in Lebanon, where a pro-Western coalition surprised many by winning a resounding victory.

We’re seeing signs that it’s having an impact in Iran as well. Returning to harsh criticism now would only erase this progress, empower hard-liners in Iran who want to see negotiations fail and undercut those who have risen up in support of a better relationship.


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John Kerry gets it.

Well, sort of.

He effectively branded the street protesters as a pro-Western movement, and communicated that we have hopes for their success. I hope he'll feel good when they get their skulls bashed in later as agents of the West.

I would suggest that if someone thinks words of American support for groups in Iran will be damaging to that group, then they should just shut up about it.

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He effectively branded the street protesters as a pro-Western movement, and communicated that we have hopes for their success. I hope he'll feel good when they get their skulls bashed in later as agents of the West.
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communicated that we have hopes for their success. I hope he'll feel good when they get their skulls bashed in later as agents of the West.

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We have seen the results of this new vision already. His outreach may have helped to make a difference in the election last week in Lebanon, where a pro-Western coalition surprised many by winning a resounding victory.

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